Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hidden Garden

Anything hidden is not easily seen. But can a garden truly be hidden? Or is it synonymous to 'God works in ways we can't see'?Can you believe a 3200 sq.m piece of land nourishes a collection of flowering plants in vibrant colors and indigenous ornaments in varied hues, shapes and textures? That excludes spaces for buildings, pathways, view decks, carport and open areas for walking exercises. Only with mindful curiosity can one discover each tiny growing plant. Only with enough patience and motivation to appreciate every bud unfolding in God's time, can one believe that indeed much is not seen with just a look. This makes Balben Family Cove an epitome of Hidden Garden.

Welcome to Balben Family Cove and sharpen your eyesight, polish your insight and be refreshed and energized by Mother Nature.

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